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I can’t tell you how angry I am that Ross didn’t feel comfortable doing a certain pose with a fan at a Meet and Greet because he was worried about getting shit for it online.  If you don’t get by now that Ross (and all of R5 for that matter) like to try to do special things when they can for their fans, whether it’s as a whole or just a few fans at a time or even one, then get it now that they do. For example, there were some vocal people who gave Ross crap for kissing a girl at midnight on New Year’s Eve. I thought it was a sweet thing he did and I’m sure it really made that evening a memorable one for her. So, instead of hating on Ross for it, why not think about how nice it was of him to do that and maybe, if you’re lucky, one day you’ll meet him and he’ll do something cool for you.

As for Ross, the next time something like this happens, he needs to say to himself, “F*#k the haters!” As long as it’s something he wants to do and it won’t get him into trouble with Disney or Hollywood Records, he should just do it. If people want to hate, let them hate. To paraphrase something Ross himself said, he knows himself; that’s all that matters. And I think most of us who have met him and know enough about him know that Ross is a very nice guy who likes to try to give back to the fans what we give to him.

If you agree with me, I’d like you to do something more than like or reblog this post. I’d like you to also tweet Ross, if you have a Twitter account, and tell him not to live his live worrying about what the haters on social media are going to say about him. Let him know that his real fans will always stand by him doing things to give back to our fellow real R5 fans.  I’m sure he’ll appreciate the messages and that we care. Thanks.

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