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Especially after watching the live stream, how many of you are like me and think R5’s songs sound better live than they do on the album/EPs? There’s just something that seems to get added to the music in a live setting that’s missing from the studio versions.

And why did they have to limit their stream to an hour?! We lost a few good songs from the setlist because of that. And it’s not like they play that much longer than an hour anyway.

So, yesterday, word came from Andre that there would be no staging for pictures that are part of the R5 VIP package. He cited that it was an attempt to help keep the band healthy. After thinking about it for a day, these are my thoughts on the announcement:

· I think we can all agree that we don’t want the boys or Rydel getting sick if they can avoid it.
·They have already stated in the past that there would be no kissing for the pictures. And I’m fine with that and can understand it.
· If you’re that worried about the band getting sick, why do the pictures at all? Just put some cardboard cut outs or that “augmented reality” thing they did with R5 at the Office Depot stores? Then at least it will look like you got to meet and do a cool pose with R5 and they won’t have to worry about them getting sick from us fans.
· While we’re at it, why tour at all. The touring life can lead to more opportunity for a person to get sick by weakening the body’s immune system. Let’s take a look at the ways:
o You’re constantly in small spaces (buses, dressing rooms, etc.) surrounded by other people.
o Your body is expanding a lot of energy every show in an effort to entertain the fans.
o Between showering, getting some food in your body and trying to get your adrenaline down after a show, you’re getting to bed late.
o Chances are you’re getting up early in the next town the next morning to do promotion for your show in that town or to catch an early flight to the next place you will play.
· They won’t allow you much time with the band during the picture in the first place and now just want us to stand straight forward and smile with them to avoid them getting sick. But you’ll allow them to go outside after shows and interact with more fans who could give them a cold and they can actually pose for pictures with them? Why the heck are we paying good money when you can get a better experience for free if you’re willing to wait for a bit after the show?
· So, you’ll force the fans to take a straight picture with the band after they’ve paid good money for the VIP package. But they won’t give Ross a chance to rest a little between projects?
· It sounds like the band decided to do staged photos during yesterday’s VIP after Andre posted that. So, if they’re going to go against their management and do it anyway (which it should be their choice; it is their band and their fans), why bother posting it in the first place and pissing off the R5 Family

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