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I remember them covering this in Ross’ Life Story magazine last year.  And I will admit that this magazine sort of over-dramaticized the story (I mean, Ross wasn’t even that tall when we see the earliest R5 videos when they were first living in the house they live at now in California.  

But, yes, the seven of them lived in a little two-bedroom apartment for awhile until their parents found jobs out in California to support the family. Now think about that.  Mark and Stormie had so much faith in their kids making it in Hollywood and wanted them to make it and had so much love for thier kids, that they actually quit their jobs in Colorado to move the family out to California and go through these struggles just for their kids.  If there’s anyone that knows this story and does respect those two as parents, you’re insane.

I’ve seen some people talking about Ross drinking or taking drugs.  And before we go any further on that, I’ll say this: These gifs are all Ross totally sober.  Take a good look at these and try to imagine Ross drunk or high.  Scary thought, isn’t it.  LOL.

Thanks to all who made the gifs. If you made one and would like me to specifically thank you and mention which gif you made, please contact me and I will do so,  

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